Preparing for Program for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)

Note:  Support from ACDP is dependent upon confirmation that MoEC will pay all fees due to OECD for participation in PIAAC.
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation in Development (OECD) Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) is the most comprehensive international survey of adult skills ever to be undertaken.  The program will measure the skills and competencies needed for individuals to participate in society and for economies to develop, and will help governments better understand how education and training systems can nurture these skills.  PIAAC focuses on key cognitive and workplace skills, with assessment of literacy and numeracy with particular emphasis on the increasing importance of information technology.  The Government of Indonesia wishes to participate in PIAAC as a means of assessing the quality of its workforce skills and how effectively its education and training system meets emerging skill demands.  The resulting evidence will assist with policy evaluation and development in the context of the Governments priority of improving labour market responsiveness and increasing regional and international competiveness.  PIAAC will be particularly important in this respect due to its substantial international comparative dimension.  In addition, for younger cohorts (PIAAC covers ages 16-65), PIAAC will complement the results of PISA by providing measures of skill following completion of secondary education.
Technical Focus and Scope
ACDP technical support will initially focus on preparation for participating in PIACC.  Participating countries must adhere to common technical standards for implementing the surveys.  Key aspects will include the technical preparation and adaptation of instruments to the Indonesian context, field trialing, development of plans for implementing the surveys, and development of training plans and materials for data collection and analysis.  Support may also be provided to assist with survey reporting, and consultation workshops on survey findings.  ACDP may support future policy development related to evidence resulting from PIAAC.
Main Outputs
The main outputs will be adapted survey instruments, field trial designs and reports, survey plans, guidelines and training materials, and survey reports.
Current Status 
Preparation of Terms of Reference on-going.