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ACDP continues to diversify its use of multiple media channels. In addition to bi-weekly media sessions (KOPI DARAT) which generate substantial newspaper coverage (over 550 articles in 2015 - 16) ACDP has resumed its biweekly radio talk shows (BIDIK JITU) following great success with broadcasting discussions on education issues on Radio Republik Indonesia in 2015.

Education News

The public appreciates the inclusion of a ban on cigarette advertising in Article 142 of the draft of the Broadcasting Bill. Various groups agreed to jointly oversee the smoking ban article until the Broadcasting Bill (RUU) is passed. Article 142 Paragraph 2 (i) of the draft Broadcasting Bill of December 7, 2016, states: advertising broadcast materials are prohibited from promoting alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive substances. The inclusion of this article constitutes progress, considering previous drafts still allowed tobacco advertising in broadcast media.

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