ACDP Events

ACDP continues to diversify its use of multiple media channels. In addition to bi-weekly media sessions (KOPI DARAT) which generate substantial newspaper coverage (over 550 articles in 2015 - 16) ACDP has resumed its biweekly radio talk shows (BIDIK JITU) following great success with broadcasting discussions on education issues on Radio Republik Indonesia in 2015.

Education News

Prof. Rochmat Wahab, an education observer, appreciates the program to equalize access to education during the two years of Jokowi-JK government. In order to eliminate the high number of students dropping out, the government has offered several programs and is considered to be on the right track. Among these programs are Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) for school age children from poor families, increase in the quota of Bidikmisi scholarship from 60,000 to 75,000 participants and Indonesian Lecturers Priority Scholarship (BUDI) for both within and outside the country.

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