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ACDP continues to diversify its use of multiple media channels. In addition to bi-weekly media sessions (KOPI DARAT) which generate substantial newspaper coverage (over 550 articles in 2015 - 16) ACDP has resumed its biweekly radio talk shows (BIDIK JITU) following great success with broadcasting discussions on education issues on Radio Republik Indonesia in 2015.

Education News

Expert Council of Qur’anic Studies Center UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Muchlis Muhammad Hanafi, Monday (5/12), assessed the level of Quranic literacy of high school students nationwide who are at moderate levels has not been encouraging. Muchlis claimed not to know the methods used to measure the index of the Quran literacy of high school students by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. MORA measured the Quran literacy index of high school students nationwide at 2.44 or moderate.

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