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Directorate General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs organized a workshop to discuss the Draft Final Report Overview of Islamic Education Sub-sector in Indonesia on last 13 April 2015 at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta. The study supported by ACDP is in its final stage which findings and analysis are consulted with related stakeholders to obtain input and views.

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When we are celebrating the Kartini Day, in reality there is still a homework which has yet to be completed. While gender equality has already been on the top of many people’s mind, its implementation remains limited. Nowadays, we can see unfair treatments to female workers in all economic sectors. Actually, the sources of such unfairness can be traced in education sector.

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This report, undertaken within the framework of the programme of work of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills covers the full range of education from early childhood until tertiary education, including aspects of non-formal education across both systems, i.e. the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Islamic system of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


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